Carob is a tropical, evergreen flowering shrub with pods that look like dark brown pea pods. These contain a naturally sweet edible pulp that tastes like chocolate. Ancient Greeks were the first to cultivate carob trees and they are now grown all over the world from India to Australia.

Carob is low in fat, high in calcium (twice as much compared to cocoa) and is packed with pectin which is a naturally soluble fibre. It is also full of natural antioxidants, vitamins and minerals including zinc, potassium, phosphorous, vitamin K and vitamin E which help to boost the immune system. Carob contains Gallic acid that works as an analgesic and is anti-allergic, antibacterial, antiviral and antiseptic.

It can provide a sweet alternative to chocolate and is totally caffeine free which benefits people with high blood pressure. Carob is also thought to slow down the signs of ageing as well as helping with natural weight loss, by making you feel fuller for longer.

Carob is naturally sweet and packed with soluble fibre, low in fat and high in calcium.

We love the naturally sweet chocolate taste of carob and have blended it into our delicious rich malty ROASTED and our indulgently smooth and creamy HIMALAYAN SALTED CACAO

carob cuppa