Pea Protein

Pea Protein

Pea protein is made from yellow split peas which are a member of the legume family and have been cultivated for food for thousands of years.   This low fat nutritional source is free of soy and gluten making it a true ally for those who suffer from food sensitivities and allergies.

Rich in iron and vitamins C and E, pea protein contains large amounts of essential amino acids that help to repair and restore muscle mass, decrease fat and keep you feeling full longer between meals.  This complete protein source is vital for healthy body functions and can support a healthy and fast metabolism as well as helping flush toxins from the kidneys.

Due to its unique composition and high fibre content, pea protein has been found to be amongst the most digestible sources of protein available.

We have combined this vegan plant protein with rice protein in our UPBEET and with hemp protein in GOLDEN providing a complete protein source, with all 9 essential amino acids, for an energized and lean body. 

Incredible source of protein, high in amino acids, very easily digested by the body.