Rice Protein

Rice Protein

Rice Protein Drinks

Rice protein comes from wholegrain rice and has a very mild, naturally sweet flavour.  It is a great source of gluten free, dairy free vegan plant based protein making it an excellent natural protein supplement.    In addition rice protein provides essential amino acids, vitamins B and E, and fibre helping to aid muscle recovery, fat burn and to balance blood sugar levels.

Rice protein can help boost your metabolism and promote fat burning making it a great pre and post work-out ingredient.   As a powerful source of antioxidants it promotes the repair and prevention of cell damage which can help reduce the signs of ageing.

A great source of protein, amino acids and vitamins.

It is low in fat and carbohydrates and so fits with many diet strategies to support weight loss and supports overall well-being. In addition rice protein has great hypoallergenic qualities which work naturopathically with your body making it easy to digest and unlikely to bother your stomach.  

If you combine rice protein with pea protein, as in our delicious and nutritious UPBEET, it provides a complete protein source with all nine essential amino acids that your body needs.