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  • Wild Green - New size tub
  • Wild Green - New size tub
  • Wild Green - New size tub
  • Wild Green - New size tub

Wild Green - New size tub

The ultimate uplifting blend of the very best Japanese matcha, yerba mate, Siberian ginseng, baobab and moringa perfectly blended with apple, avocado, nettle and peppermint to be rich and subtly sweet with great depth of flavour. 

Wild Green is packed with nutrients and antioxidants the body’s best defence against the effects of ageing, infections and disease.  It can also support detoxification, help boost your immune system and cleanse your liver. 

By drinking matcha you ingest the entire leaf, which provides 137 times more antioxidants for the body than brewed green tea.  Matcha is also rich in L-theanine which can enhance your mood, combat stress, improve concentration and help you feel naturally energised without the jitters sometimes associated with an intake of caffeine.  It will also boost your metabolism, maintain lean muscle mass and encourage the body to burn fat quicker. 

High in fibre and packed with nutrient dense super greens Wild Green promotes alkalinity by rebalancing the body’s pH levels and helping maintain optimal health.   

Refreshing and invigorating Wild Green is perfect as a way to start your day, as an afternoon pick me up, or anytime you need extra focus.

Our finely ground powder is ready to add to hot water milk or mylk (plant derived milks such as coconut, almond or oat) using the 5g scoop provided.

For an indulgent creamy latte, mix one to two scoops in a mug with a little hot milk or mylk (80°) to make a paste then top up and stir until smooth.  Alternatively for a sweet and refreshing drink that packs a punch add hot water or enjoy cold on ice. 


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